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Most commonly asked questions about our photography

We’ve attempted to answer some of the questions you might have. In a situation you do not find what you were looking for or want to request a clarification please do not hesitate to give us a call.

The basic building block of the every photo session I conduct is called a theme. Sometimes I use a scene or scenario for the same.

Each scene is a collection of aligned colours, designs and ideas to convey a single mood and feeling. If you were to print all the images from a single scene and hang on the wall, they all, while looking very differently will be connected altogether creating a coherent and well balanced story. Generally I use a singe colour setting, sometimes with a prop and I will vary accessories or wrapping techniques to achieve the variety of the images. As you browse my portfolio you will clearly spot the images belonging to the same theme. Here is a good example of a scene:


The recommended maximum number of scenes is four – with each one taking 45-60 minutes it can get tiring even for the adults. I shoot tethered and you will have an opportunity to advise what images you definitely want to keep. For each scene my minimum commitment is three images however I always hand back every successful image I take excluding the duplicates and missed frames.

Sometimes I get requests from the clients (especially with newborns) who want to use a new prop or accessory for each different photo. This is not quite achievable since it takes about 30 minutes to wrap the baby and settle them down. As well as, at the end of the day, no one comes to have photographs of the props. It is about you, and your moment which without the photography would have been gone forever.

The session fee is $275 and is paid before the photography. In order to ensure your desired date is allocated to you my recommendation is to act as early as possible. Most of my clients tend to book at around three months in advance. When you book later you may not get the best slot or any availability at all.

With newborn photography, when the baby is not yet born, all bookings are tentative and the date will be finalised after the baby’s arrival.

Cancellations are accepted if made within 7 days of the agreed date. No shows and change of mind will forfeit the booking fee – please be aware that by keeping you date I’m denying it to any other client. All preparation and arrangement of accessories is done the night before your photography and is a time consuming process

Yes, the actual prints. The session fee only covers consultation, design, the actual photography time and your private reveal/ordering session. Please review the Wall Art price list below.

Yes. Each image is subject to full digital darkroom workflow that includes a comprehensive sequence of RAW manipulation, editorial retouch, cropping, colour grading, special effects, profiling and export. With complex shooting scenarios such as some newborn poses and pregnancy flying dress images will be composite, meaning they will be created from merging multiple frames together.

I use a range of professional print labs that provide amazing quality and longevity of their prints. The largest acrylic print I can deliver is 1.5 metres along the long edge which equals to 18,000 pixels along the long edge or the total resolution of 216 mega pixels.

No. All images are supplied without any watermark.

Only when you purchase a print release.

If you’re after a hassle free, guaranteed quality wall art, please check our prints price list.

Yes, you can specify which images you definitely want to keep. In studio I shoot tethered, meaning every image I take appears on the 27″ screen for you to see. As I move through the shooting, I might refine the images in case you’ve selected duplicates or if some of the images are less successful than others.

You will finalise all the image selection during the reveal/ordering session where we come to you place and with the use of special software will be able to visualise how one or another image looks on your wall.

Any versions such as Black and White can be requested at no charge. Please note, some images are better suited for B&W than others and I will advise when the results will be less than perfect. However, the final call is yours.

Also, some styles of photography I do, such as baby in hands, come only black and white. For those images I do not supply any colour versions.

Questions specific to our newborn photography:

“Newborn” in photography means up to two weeks of age. The absolute best age for newborn photography is 6-10 days of age. At this age the baby sleeps most of the time which means more opportunity for beautiful images, interesting poses in less time. You can still expect around 45 minutes per scene and it is very unlikely I will need to spend two hours rocking the baby to sleep before even starting.

Good results can be achieved with the babies up to four weeks of age. I do not photograph babies from six weeks and until they can sit. These bigger babies cannot be wrapped, too big for most of the props, they will not stay still and are very alert. Achieving great results is hard and not even remotely close to the dreamy newborn images many parents have in mind.

I treat twins the same so there is no difference. Siblings can be included in photography starting from the “Mini” session at no extra cost. With the siblings I will position them next to the newborn on the posing bag or next to a prop creating tender images of kissing, gentle touches and pinky promises. Adding siblings does not create a new theme and all the commitments with regards to the number of images stay the same.

Up to four weeks is generally OK. Anything above you are likely need to consider Family Option.

In very rare situations, babies stay calm and sleepy for longer, which allows to capture dreamy photographs. However, this is more of an exception and does not happen often. If you have such a baby just let me know.

For babies over six weeks, it is likely they will be photographed with you.

Everyone who is admitted to my studio is fully vaccinated including voluntary vaccinations as recommended by GP such and certain types of meningitis.

Before I accept your baby for newborn photography you will need to confirm he or she received the HepB vaccine at birth.

Not for your newborn unless you want some special something to be included in photography. Generally I advise against props sold via eBay since oftentimes those are low-value, high frequency items that are too common. The focus of the photography should be your newborn, not the clothes.

In a situation when you include other family members please consult my clothing guide.

If you are using formula please make sure you have that extra bottle.

No. All newborn photography is performed in my richly equipped studio which occupies a dedicated area of my modern home in Pemulwuy.

Pemulwuy is suited within the same easy 10 minutes drive from Blacktown, Parramatta, Seven Hills and Fairfiled. However, my clients come all over Sydney including the regional centres such as Woolongong.

If you’re coming for a digital only product, you will need to purchase the Extended Family Option that is available with the Full and Extended packages. The cost is $250 for 3-5 additional images.

From each shooting scenario you can expect an average 5 images to be presented to you to order from.

When you’re purchasing a digital package my minimum commitment is three images per session however, I will strive to offer more — at the end of the day I want to convince you to consider my beautiful wall art.

I work with you to understand all the preferences and desires you might have and I will guide you through selecting matching colour palette across all elements involved in design. You can point to any image you like from my collection or anywhere on the Internet and I will advise what can be done. Very often parents simply ask me to come up with everything so you can do the same.

On the day you will see everything prepared for you and in a situation you want tweaks I can perform necessary adjustments to ensure everything is to your liking. Please note, I will not start photography until your verbal confirmation you are happy and there is no change of mind later.

There is one exception – I do not use digital backgrounds — templated images sold on the Internet for $6.95. My photography is real situations that existed in your life that do not need to be enhanced unnaturally looking elements.

The answer depends on by how much? I always ask to come 10-15 minutes before your appointment to settle the baby and discuss anything you need. As a Mom I know things with little babies can be unpredictable however my request is to put your best effort in being on time. The baby photography finishes at 12pm and if you’re late I won’t have time to go through all shooting scenarios and the resulting amount of the finished images might be less than we hoped for.

Questions specific to our maternity/pregnancy photography packages:

Generally, for a singleton pregnancy, it is anywhere between 32 to 38 weeks. In some situations the bump may be prominent a bit earlier or you may need to wait a few more weeks.

Absolutely. There are no extra charges for including children in you pregnancy photography.

In my 10 years being a photographer I’ve never had an occasion where I photographed a pregnant woman and her baby during a single session. And I do not think I will ever have one.

From perspective of maternity and newborn photography these are two separate and very different occasions with individual design, preparation, time spent taking and finishing the images for each one. It is my policy to not offer any discounts outside any seasonal promotions I might have.

Flying Dress is a very special photography arrangement which is not readily offered by many photographers since it requires a dedicated studio, proper fabrics and complex lightning setup. The Pregnancy Flying Dress images are captured as a series of frames taken at the rate of 10 frames per second where the dress flies, many times over again…. Then, the best looking frames with the flying pieces are merged as a single image to capture a series of sub-second moments as a single and beautiful photograph. The process of merging is extremely hard and tedious, sometimes requiring about 8 hours of effort in the digital dark room.

No. I am a studio photographer and my optional outdoor session is a limited offer (see the next question). I cannot accommodate the requests for outdoor only sessions nor I take assignments requesting me to travel.

Yes. From mid April to the end of September I offer an additional outdoor session taken during the evening Golden Hour next to the lake which is approximately 100 metres from the studio. The start time on each day differs depending on the sun movement. Generally between 4pm and 5:30pm.

Please note, for the Golden Hour photography there is no being late. The sun does not wait and the starting/ending times are precise and different for each day.

For digital only clients the cost of this additional theme is $250. Otherwise it is included in your session fee.

Questions specific to our family photography:

You can arrange family photography with your baby. The reason I cannot accept you baby as a newborn is that it is unlikely he or she will take any wrapping or posing and any attempt to put them in a prop is likely to wake them up. Most probable flow of this session is with your baby in your hands.

Even though, my recommendation is to wait a few months. At this age you baby is far from mastering his or her limbs and is unlikely to respond to external triggers. You baby won’t look in the camera and it is typical his or her eyes will wonder any direction your baby wants. The resulting images may have a haphazard look which is unlikely to please you.

If you want just a single image this can be arranged for a family portrait excluding Newborn or Maternity photography.

I will reduce the session fee to $100 however, the print order will need to be placed at the end of the session. It will not be sent to the production until you approve the fully edited print once the image editing has been finalised.

Our studio can accommodate around 10 adults. I could also consider photography in the nearby park.

For digital only clients, the price for extended groups will be the base $300 plus $250 extended family charge. You can expect 6-10 images from that photography.

Balloons and other decorations I will discuss with you.

It is important that you get the cake accounting for any dietary or allergic considerations that might exist. If you are unaware of any, please get a sample from the cakeshop and consult your GP or medial practitioner about how to do allergy test. Simple skin contact might work but is far from perfect. And please, do not take this as a working solution — none of us has a degree in medicine and I have limited experience with allergies.

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