Print or Digital

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Print or Digital?

Digital Files is not a money saving exercise. Prints and Digital are very different products requiring different levels of photographer’s effort in post processing, different licensing and different services that ultimately define the price of each product.

Whilst nothing can stop you form printing the images at Office Works or another place, the quality of the print will be poor with the images fading within several months. Colour Management is a complex topic – hopefully it will suffice to say that no printer available today can print all the colours you can see on the monitor whilst no monitor available on the market can display all the colours the human eye can perceive!

You can jump to the comparison tables and images right at the bottom of this page but please read the below paragraphs to better understand which option works for your needs.

Heirloom prints is an all inclusive, risk free option.

The whole purpose of our photography is to deliver awesome wall art portraits to occupy the precious place on our clients wall. Our art work is an outcome of tightly controlled, precise and time consuming process that only starts with the push of the camera button and evolves through a multiple phases of digital manipulation above and beyond the initial colour and contrast correction, also known as “raw processing”.

There are many essential steps required to achieve full fidelity of the detail and colour especially for large format printing. Without going to deeply into the Colour Theory, matching the print to digital image on a calibrated screen is a highly technical and very complex process. Many people who have ever attempted to print their images at places that do not do colour management such as vending machines at Office Works or Harvey Norman have experienced some degree of disappointment when their prints looked very different to what was on the screen.

We run a very controlled process — from capture to the final print to guarantee the closest possible match between the print and image on our calibrated screens. Our focus is quality and longevity of your prints — they are designed to outlive you and anyone you will ever know.

The price of our wall art reflects the effort and skill necessary to transform the binary data captured by the camera on top of the cost of the media such as print itself, frame, glass etc. And then the cost of gear itself, which is essential to capture the raw data, and we use the best full frame camera equipment and studio lightning available on the market today.

It is completely risk free – when you attend the ordering appointment you will be selecting every image you want to buy from a collection of prints. Anything you buy is completely up to you and should you decide you did not like and won’t proceed with the purchase of any of the images, your session fee is unconditionally refunded. Complementary digital files are supplied with every purchased print.

We offer lifetime storage of digital negatives so you can start with the lowest print and purchase enlargements when the time is right.

And the Digital Only?

The digital packages are designed to be used online only, such as your Social Media page. The initial process, such as design, gear used and everything else are exactly the same.  The raw binary files captured by the camera are colour balanced, adjusted for contrast and clarity, cropped and get vignette added to taste. However, being designed to Web, these files do not need to undergo a detailed print preparation that we perform at the pixel level with the heirloom collection.

The digital format, suitable for the phones or the Internet is known as JPEG. This format defines reduced, a mere 256 levels of brightness and is compressed to make is small enough so it can be viewed quickly. But the binary data of those JPEG images is not near enough for a quality print, and should not be printed when a quality print is expected.

These files are not prepared for print and while they come in High Resolution as defined by the social media being 2048px it is nowhere as high compared to what is required for the print.  These files are supplied in JPEG 70% format which is the today’s standard for images on the Internet.

To summarise, Digital Collection is the product where you are photographed by the best photographic equipment available on the market today with all the images processed by a seasoned professional ensuring the best conversion results versus a one-size-fits-all software algorithm used by cameras in Auto mode or phones.

Print or Digital – which is right for you?

Printed Collection

Pay per image
from $200 per print
  • Custom Designed Session
  • Accessories/props provided
  • Professional makeup included (1 person)
  • Session fee is $350 (no images are included)
  • Up to 4 hrs session included
  • Up to 20 printed images in the proof
  • Client selects the images from the proof
  • Full range of post processing and digital manipulation
  • Profiling for high fidelity printing
  • Your choice of canvas, acrylic or board printing
  • Matching digital Hi-Res JPEG file 2048px at 100%
  • Money back guarantee
  • Lifetime storage of digital negatives

Digital Only

Whole Collection
$450 up to one hour
  • Custom Designed Session – two shooting scenarios
  • Includes 8 finished images the client selects after the session
  • Accessories/props provided
  • DIY hair/makeup
  • $100 non-refundable session fee
  • Full raw conversion only (colour, contrast, clarity)
  • Profiling for web sharing only
  • Not designed for printing
  • Hi-Res JPEG 2048px at 70%
  • Return/refund not offered
  • Can upgrade to prints (per image)

Features Exclusive to Prints

There several development techniques that can only be achieved via a full manipulation of the image and therefore, not available for the clients opting for Digital Collections. Since we shoot with the post-processing in mind, the following situations are excluded from Digital only sessions altogether. These are not available as an option for clients deciding to upgrade from Digital Only to Prints.

1. Composite Images

These images are combined from multiple frames. An example of composite requirement would be when a toddler refuses to be photographed with a newborn sibling and therefor, two separate frames are takes and then merged as one image.

2. Complex Modifications

For example flying dress photography (maternity of beauty photography).

3. Extensive Retouch

Removal of permanent or temporary features  such as skin marks, moles, stretches, scars etc.





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