Behind The Scenes Videos from Maternity, Pregnancy, Newborn and Family Photography

Behind the scenes videos from our maternity, pregnancy, newborn and family photography.

With all photography performed at our Sydney Studio we offer a complimentary behind the scenes video shared with you on our Youtube channel.

By watching this videos you will always be able to bring the memories of the actual experience of how your photograph were takes. You can also take a sneak peak to see what to expect. You can see how I design and conduct a photography session with the client.

Specifically you can see the collection of my accessories and props, how I design maternity and pregnancy photography ad how I direct couples to achieve the best results in their photography. You can see the variety of interesting newborn positions I use in photography to make it beautiful and unusual. These videos are a clear indication of the photography process end to end hopefully enabling you to decide on calling my services to photograph your special moment — pregnancy, maternity, newborn or a family portrait.

Please enjoy these videos below:

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